VdA maintains a leading position in the IFLR ranking, being distinguished in Tier 1 in all the categories analysed for the jurisdiction of Portugal: Banking, Capital Markets Debt, Capital Markets Equity, M&A, Project Development, Project Finance and Restructuring & Insolvency.

In the individual categories, VdA has 26 lawyers recognised, including 1 "Market Leader", 21 "Highly Regarded", 1 "Notable Practitioner" and 2 "Rising Star Partner".

VdA is the Portuguese law firm with the highest number of Highly Regarded lawyers.

The exclusive members of VdA Legal Partners in Angola (ASP Advogados), Mozambique (GDA Advogados) and São Tomé and Principe (VNA Advogados) were also recognised by IFLR 1000, with Joana Pacheco in the Angolan jurisdiction being awarded "Rising Star". In Mozambique, Guilherme Daniel (Partner of GDA Advogados - exclusive member of VdA Legal Partners in Mozambique) was appointed as "Highly Regarded".

The recommendations of the IFLR1000 rankings are based on the opinions of in-house counsels from leading national and international financial institutions.

Market Leader:

Pedro Cassiano Santos (Partner)

Highly Regarded:

João Vieira de Almeida  (Senior Partner)

Paula Gomes Freire (Managing Partner)

Ana Luís de Sousa (Partner)

Cláudia da Cruz Almeida (Partner)

Filipa Cotta (Partner)

Francisco Sá Carneiro (Partner)

Frederico Gonçalves Pereira (Partner)

Helena Vaz Pinto (Partner)

Hugo Moredo dos Santos  (Partner)

João Afonso Fialho (Partner)

Jorge Bleck ( Partner)

José Miguel Oliveira (Partner)

José Pedro Fazenda Martins (Partner)

Manuel Protásio (Partner)

Paulo de Barros Baptista (Partner)

Paulo Olavo Cunha (Partner)

Paulo Trindade Costa (Partner)

Pedro Simões Coelho (Partner)

Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira (Partner)

Teresa Empis Falcão (Partner)

Vanda Cascão (Partner)

Teresa Pitôrra (Senior Counsel)

Notable Practitioner:

Benedita Aires (Partner)

Rising Star Partner:

Tiago Correira Moreira (Partner)

Maria Cunha Matos (Partner)